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istanbul Cosmetics Factory in Turkey and Detergents Factory

High Quality Products with 12 Years of Production Experience

Our detergent and cosmetics factory, located in Istanbul, which connects the Asia and Europe regions, operates in the manufacturing sector. Turkish manufacturers, which are in a leading position in the field of manufacturing industries, are included in the supply chain of many corporate brands. Manufacturers in Turkey are improving themselves day by day in order to take more place in the world market.

Heni, which is engaged in international trade, is working to improve its production capabilities by making more frequent factory audit. Heni, which produces for many industries, also produces special products for the automotive industry. As of 2022, product prices are also updated due to increased labor cost.



istanbul cosmetics factory certificates
istanbul cosmetics factory certificates
istanbul cosmetics factory certificates
Production in International Quality Standards

Long-Term Business Relations and Customer Satisfaction Are Our Primary Goals.

Our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable products that will serve them all since 2010.

The journey of the products, which starts as raw materials, ends as the finished product. Meanwhile, In this process, we are aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer company.

We produce the kind of product we want our own family and loved ones to use. Thus, The health of our customers is paramount to us.

Our Production is carried out in our factory in accordance with ISO and GMP standards. Because, We aim to leave a more livable world to future generations with our environmentally and human-friendly production principles.

istanbul cosmetics factory


Product Type


Years of Industry Experience


Export to Country

Thanks to our effective quality control systems, each product is checked one by one and possible errors are detected and compensated before delivery to the customer. Customer Satisfaction and Needs are very important to us.

Sustainable Relationships

Firstly, We see each of our customers as our potential solution partners. For this reason, we support our customers to grow in the market with quality products and competitive prices that will satisfy them. And also, We establish sustainable relations with our customers by acting with a win-win mentality.

R&D Investment

Nothing stands still. For this reason, due to the changing usage habits and the newly discovered effects of the raw materials used, we follow the developments for the health and safety of our customers and develop our product contents in this direction.

We Offer Professional Solutions to All Sectoral Based Needs of Our Customers.


Our company is in the world market by producing products with high added value for the future of our country!

Export of Cosmetic Products

As Heni We are working to represent our country in the best way with high value-added cosmetic products in the rapidly growing cosmetics industry around the world.

Cleaning Products Export

We are fighting for a cleaner world with cleaning products produced in international quality standards.

Logistics Solutions

Wherever you are in the world. We deliver the products we produce to your door if you wish.

We are always with you in the export process.

Also, We provide professional support in the Sales, Production, Logistics, Customs and Delivery processes of all our customers who have not done export & import before.


istanbul cosmetics factory

Production of skin care products, hair care products, body care products and perfumes suitable for personal and professional use, production and export of contract cosmetics.

Manufacturing of liquid, powder and tablet laundry detergents suitable for domestic and industrial cleaning, production of contract detergents and export of cleaning products.

Zarif ve Kalıcı Kokular: Scentora parfümleri, renkli şişelerde çeşitli ve benzersiz kokularla dolu. Her zevke ve tarza uygun parfüm seçenekleri sunar

Production and export of women’s perfumes, men’s perfumes, room perfumes, vehicle perfumes with different packaging designs and impressive scents.


make up manufacturer turkey, istanbul cosmetics factory
Beaufa Eye Makeup Remover

Our BeauFa Eye Makeup Remover product, produced in the Istanbul cosmetic factory, is one of our products that you will not want to leave with you in daily use. BeauFa for your beauty.

night cream manufacturer turkey, istanbul cosmetics factory
Beaufa Night Cream

BeauFa Night Cream allows you to relieve the tiredness of the day. It nourishes the skin and helps you feel great when you wake up. The choice of those who care about their skin.

shampoo manufacturer turkey, istanbul cosmetics factory
Beaufa Shampoo

BeauFa Shampoo, one of our hair care products, is produced with a formula that prevents hair loss as a result of R&D studies carried out in the Istanbul cosmetic factory.

TidyHill Detergent Powder
TidyHill Glass Remover
TidyHill Liquid Laundry Detergent
turkey polisher detergent manufacturer
TidyHill Polisher

TidyHill Polisher, one of the production lines of the Istanbul detergent factory, ensures that your dishes regain their first day’s shine. TidyHill for dishes renewed with every wash.

turkey detergent manufacturer
TidyHill Dishwashing Liquid

Thanks to its strong formula, it allows you to wash more dishes with much less detergent. Thus, you will contribute to a more livable world.

Detergent manufacturer turkey
TidyHill Surface Cleaner

Surfaces are now safer with TidyHill Surface Cleaner, which is highly effective even against oil and dirt stains on surfaces! Turkey’s preferred surface cleaner brand.

turkey laundry perfume manufacturer, istanbul cosmetics factory
Scentora Laundry Perfume

Produced by the Istanbul perfume factory, Scentora Laundry Perfume ensures that your laundry always smells fresh and good.

Scentora Reed Diffusers

It is up to you to determine the smell of your environment. Thanks to Scentora Air Freshener, you will feel yourself in a botanical garden.

car perfume manufacturer turkey
Scentora Car Air Freshener

Airless and smelly vehicles bother everyone. You will experience a better driving pleasure with Scentora. The choice of those who value their cars.

Scentora Women Perfume

Who can say no to coffee’s invitation to love? In the top notes, you will be exploring the sharp coffee scents and the warmth of caramel. In the middle notes, you will reach the peak of our olfactory senses with the effective magic of vanilla. In the bottom notes, you will feel the accents of the charismatic stance of the woody notes with a perfect blend.

Scentora Men Perfume

A perfume that can be classified as woody-aquatic. The combination of lemon and bitter citrus gives a modern and excellent smell when you first squeeze it. Towards the fresh and lively middle Mediterranean herbs, masculine flowers and woody notes lead the perfume to a very interesting place.

Scentora Premium

Luxury and elegance are together with Scentora Premium series products. Premium products, which are highly appreciated for their stylish design and seductive scents, are among the indispensable products. If you are looking for high diffusion and long-lasting persistence, these products are for you!

What is a cosmetics factory?

A İstanbul cosmetics factory is a facility or business that produces various cosmetic products, especially cosmetic products such as skin care products, hair care products, make-up products. These factories produce, package and distribute cosmetic products.

Which products are produced in a cosmetics factory?

Cosmetics factories can produce many different cosmetic products. These can include shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, moisturizing cream, face cream, make-up, lipstick, eye shadow, perfume and deodorant.

How does the production process work in a cosmetics factory?

The production process in cosmetics factories mainly involves the mixing of raw materials, formulation, manufacturing processes, packaging and storage of products. The production process may vary according to the type of product and the capacity of the factory.

How does a cosmetics factory work?

Cosmetics factories are facilities that manufacture and distribute cosmetic products according to customer demands. They carry out factory operations by procuring raw materials, planning the production process and ensuring quality control.

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