Perfume manufacturers Turkey; They have to register the product content of the perfumes they produce to the Ministry of Health and register with the UTS, that is, the “Product Tracking System”. Meanwhile, It is also possible to export perfumes produced with GMP and ISO quality certificates. It will be enough to contact us to buy wholesale perfumes, to have private label cosmetics Turkey production and to get support for perfume export.

Turkey Perfume Manufacturers

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of perfume manufacturers. Because, Many of the companies that produce cosmetics also produce perfumes. So, As Heni Cosmetics Factory, we operate among the perfume manufacturers in Turkey. Furthermore, We serve our customers with men’s perfumes, women’s perfumes, laundry perfume, car perfume and room perfumes that we produce under the Scentora brand.

Istanbul perfume manufacturers

As in many areas, Istanbul is at the forefront of perfume manufacturers comparing to other cities. Thus, The biggest reason for this is that companies producing perfumes have concentrated in Istanbul. So, This makes Istanbul the reason for preference.

Our customers, who are interested in these products, were also interested in the production of detergent manufacturing and cosmetics manufacturing.

Private Label Perfume Production

Private label manufacturing; companies that do not have the opportunity to produce in-house, make a contract with the companies that produce, and receive service for their own brands with the production method, also known as “private label”.

Perfume Private label production, on the other hand, is the production method has preferred by contract manufacturing companies, those who want to produce perfumes for their own brand, social media phenomena, chain markets, celebrities, care centers, hotels and many more. Thus, With the private label manufacturing contract, all the details of perfume production are specified. Eventually, The quality, permanence and packaging of the perfume determines by the buyer company.

perfume manufacturers turkey

perfume manufacturers turkey

Private Label Perfume Prices

The perfume producing company has to produce according to the qualifications specified in the private label manufacturing contract. Because, All technical details and legal responsibility regarding the product belong to the company that wants to make production. For this reason, the production plan is arrangeable according to the conditions specified in the contract and then determine the costs.

Subtract The price of all materials required for production. So, All these costs are the biggest determining factor for private label perfume prices. In addition, contract perfume prices determined by including the service fee and the fees required for legal procedures.

Perfume Production Cost

Perfume production cost can be calculated by determining the costs such as raw materials, bottles, labels and parcels required in perfume production. The cost of contract perfume production service varies according to the order specifications. For this reason, there is no fixed price list.

Perfume is an integral part of many people’s everyday life and offers many different scent options. But how much is known about the process behind a perfume and its costs? Here’s what you need to know about perfume production costs.

Perfume production is a complex and meticulous process. Each perfume needs to maintain a unique scent profile and quality. Here are some of the key process of this process:

  • Essences and Raw Materials: Perfumes are created using essences and raw materials. Quality and rare essences are a big factor in determining the cost of a perfume.
  • Formulation and Design: The design and formulation of the perfume is done by an experienced perfumer and this service costs money.
  • Production and Packaging: The production of perfume in large quantities requires a professional facility. Also, special packaging and bottle design adds extra costs.
  • Quality Control: There is a quality control process to maintain the quality of the perfume and prevent unwanted changes.
  • Branding and Marketing: Promoting and marketing a perfume is also costly. Advertising campaigns, promotional events and packaging design all play a role.

We provide free consultation on this subject. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to for private label manufacturing.

Perfume Production FAQ

Why are Turkish Made Perfume Brands preferred?

The first production of perfume dates back to the years before Christ. There has always been a need for perfumes that people use to hide bad smells. For this reason, its consumption is also quite high. Turkish Made Perfume Brands have an important place in the world market. Many manufacturers export perfumes abroad after producing them. The perfumes produced in our country are of very high quality. The biggest reason why import companies abroad prefer Turkish perfume brands is that they can have quality and affordable perfumes.

Do you manufacture private label deodorant?

As Heni Cosmetics Chemical Industry, we produce perfumes, roll on production, room perfume production and deodorant production under the Scentora brand. We manufacture contract deodorants in line with the demands of our customers. You can get information about deodorant production by visiting our company headquarters located in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul.

Is Establishing a Perfume Factory Costly?

Individuals and institutions that want to produce perfume can operate after fulfilling the necessary permits and financial requirements. To establish a perfume factory, you need to project your idea. The factory location should be determined by calculating the storage, shipping and management areas in accordance with the production area determined in the project.

It is necessary to obtain the necessary permits, to supply the production equipment, to supply the raw materials required for perfume production, to employ and train the personnel who will make the production, to provide parcels, labels, bottles and caps.

For these reasons, establishing a perfume factory is a costly undertaking. If it is difficult for you to meet this cost, we recommend that you get information about contract perfume production at the first stage.

Which documents are required for perfume production?

In order to manufacture perfumes in Turkey, you must first meet the gmp and iso production standards. Since perfume production has included in the cosmetic product group, your products must have a UTS registration. Otherwise, you will be making illegal and illegal production. For this reason, you need to obtain a production permit from the Ministry of Health and its affiliates.

I want to make a perfume, what should I do?

Perfume is a highly demanded product at home and abroad. The perfume market is very exciting, especially for entrepreneurs. Because a special bottle design, an eye-catching label and an impressive scent can make you the most consumed and demanded perfume brand in the world.

This market attracts your attention and if you want to sell perfumes, you must first decide on the production method. Establishing a perfume factory, purchasing perfumes wholesale or working with companies that manufacture perfumes are among your options. You can determine the production method that suits your budget and start the processes as soon as possible.

Can boutique perfume production be preferred?

Those who want to make perfume production can research on boutique perfume production in the first place. Because you can produce perfume as a hobby, then you can produce perfumes professionally after creating a certain portfolio. It’s all about your expectations about selling perfumes and your starting capital.

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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  1. Hi,

    Me and my business partner, are looking for a perfume manufacture, and wanna know more about your business


    We are interested in 3 fragrance for men, and 3 fragrance for women in the start. We want to test these out on our market and see how they accept it.

    Men : 1. Dior Sauvage, 2. Ysl Y, 3. Aventus Creed

    Women: 1. Ysl Libre, 2. Ysl Black Opium, 3. BACCARAT ROUGE 540.

    We request all of the fragrances in EDP.

  2. András Regenye

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    I would like to create a new perfume brand. I would like to ask that you could help me to mix it out a new fragrance based on my own idea? Could you help with the packaging? What is the minimum of the ordering from one fragrance/product? I am planning five different fragrants , in a 50 ml bottle, 100 portions per each, so altogether 500 pieces. Please write a price offer for this.
    Thank you, I wish you all the best.

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