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Private label manufacturers Turkey has become one of the most preferrable forms of production in recent years. The permits required to open a production facility and the high costs of machinery, equipment and personnel required to make production cause many companies to work with private label manufacturing companies in Turkey. Thus, It seems that private label manufacturing will become more and more popular with each passing day. Also, This brings with it some disadvantages as well as advantages.

What is Private Label Manufacturing? How is it done?

It is the name given to the process of producing their own products with different manufacturers by companies that own a brand, do not meet the necessary conditions for production, or do not have the opportunity to produce at the moment due to the size of the order they received. In order for the production to be carried out, a private label manufacturing contract must sign between the two companies. Meanwhile, This transaction also legally guaranteed by the party. The conditions specified in the contract must mutually fulfilled. Otherwise, the grievances that may occur are revoked from the parties under the conditions specified in the contract. By working with Heni Istanbul Detergent Factory and Istanbul Cosmetics Factory, you can have special products manufactured for your brand.

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Our Services within the Scope of Contract Manufacturing

In Which Sector Is Private Label Manufacturing the Most?

The sectors where contract manufacturing is preferrable the most, especially the textile sector; cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics and automotive. It allows companies that own brands to produce under their own brands without investing in production. It is preferrable especially in countries with cheap labor force. So, In this respect, Turkey is preferrable by many countries, especially European countries.

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Private Label Manufacturing Companies

There are responsibilities that one must fulfill by private label manufacturing companies. Because, These responsibilities determined by the private label manufacturing contract. Companies that do not have a production infrastructure and that are frequently preferrable by companies that own brands, use their production lines for companies that demand contract manufacturing. Also, As Heni, we provide private label filling services to our customers. Our production lines are suitable for private label perfume, private label deodorant, private label detergent production turkey, private label laundry detergent and private label cosmetics production in Turkey.

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Our customers, who are interested in these products, were also interested in the production of cosmetics, detergent and perfume manufacturing.

Those Who Want to Contract Manufacturing

Those who want to have private label manufacturing must first find a production facility suitable for the product they want to produce. Some factories only manufacture cleaning products, while others only manufacture cosmetic products. Heni Kozmetik Kimya produces both cosmetics and cleaning products. For this reason, those who want to have contract manufacturing prefers Heni production facilities to reduce their operational costs.

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Documents Required for Private label Manufacturing

The party who wants or will make contract manufacturing must have the necessary certificates and documents. However, these documents may differ in the types of certificates and documents due to the fact that the enterprises are working on different sectors. You must be from the firm that you will be doing custome manufacturing or contract manufacturing because it will do reliable manufacturing or reliable work. It is possible to offer the products for sale after the contract manufacturing takes place. The documents required for contract manufacturing differ according to each sector. For this reason, it would be useful to contact us for more technical and detailed information.

Private Label Manufacturers Turkey

Turkey is among the countries that are highly preferrable by importer companies. Large traders serving in the sale of cleaning and cosmetic products demand production for their own brands. At this point, as Heni Cosmetics Chemicals, we provide private label production services to our customers. Thus, while we manage the production process without any problems, you can organize work on the sale of your own products.

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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25 thoughts on “Private Label”

  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Could you please connect me to the responsible person who can help me with production of goods under private label of the customer: i need to produce to retail chain Ulibka Radugi stick/gel antiperspirants for women and men.
    Minimum 3 different sku for women and 4 different sku for men (48 and 24 hours protection are exploring).
    Terms of shipping – EXW, payment terms up to contract.

    Thank You very much and have a nice day!

  2. Alexander Kozlov

    Dear Sirs,
    We are interested in kids products:
    Shampoo 2 SKU
    Foam Shampoo 1 SKU
    Bath & Wash 1 SKU
    Bath gel 1 SKU
    Diaper cream 1 SKU
    Moisturizer 1 SKU

    Who can we discuss it with?

    Best regards,
    Alexander Kozlov
    Purchasing Manager

  3. Hello! .
    I have a friend who is looking for a manufacturer who could make his own brand/ him private label of perfumes with the aromas of prestigious brands, such as “EYFEL” or “D&P”(this is made in Turkish). Can you help us in this regard?! What would be the price for a 100ml bottle?! I have send this ask by WhatsApp!
    I want to get a quote.
    Many thanks!
    Kind Regards

    1. Hello
      Please we are looking for a contract manufacturer for our brand of body spray deodorants and perfumes. What are your conditions. We have a registered company in turkey, and can make contract with you.
      What’s your MOQ? Do you make samples for testing and approval before mass production?

  4. Good day Could you please connect me to a relaible company or person who can help me with production of perfumes under private label. i need to produce my branded perfumes and deodorant for women and men.
    (48 and 24 hours protection).
    Terms of shipping to Nigera, payment terms up to contract.

  5. Hello
    I’m interested in production under private label (hand cream, bath gel, creams etc).
    Can you pls send me all the terms and prices to my email address


  6. Dear Team,

    My name is Anjum and I am from the Netherlands. I am looking to launch my own cleaning products. Can you offer a price for the following products?
    1. Windows / Glass cleaner
    2. Toilet / Sanitary cleaning (Nice smell)
    3. Bleach (toilet cleaner)
    4. Floor cleaner
    5. Kitchen cleaner for oil and fat (strong one)
    6. Dish washing liquid

    I will be waiting for your reply

  7. Hi,

    We are interested in private label perfume for our own fragrance brand. We would like more information if its possible. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. I am representing one of the leading manufacturing company for cleaning & detergent companies in Saudi Arabia. We are A*** A* S*** GROUP & would like to do private label business with your company for detergent powders.
    Awaiting your reply….

  9. Dimitar Georgiev

    Hi dears, we are Bulgarian company and looking for HOUSEHOLD CLEANING AND SANITARY MATERIALS ( Private Label ) from Turkey, to be able win a serious tender for Bulgaria ( National Social Agency ).
    There are strict requirements, that’s why the producer should meet them, but it’s not surprise for you, as you are in such manufacturing.
    As you guess, there have to be the cheapest your bottle with black-white sticker ( the cheaper packing ).
    So, please send us your position about supplying of these articles, I’ll send you the requiremants as well.
    01 Toilet soap liquid 1.0 L
    02 Floor cleaner 1.0 L
    03 Dishwashing detergent liquid 1.0 L
    04 Laundry detergent for fabrics 1.0 L
    05 Shampoo for hair and body 0.5 L
    Estimated quantities about 450 000 pcs from each.
    Will be glad if you decide to support us to win this national tender.
    thanks in advance,
    Dimitar Georgiev
    OBERON-X Ltd.
    Bulgaria, Sofia,
    2129 Ravno pole, Industrial area 1
    phone: +359 887888904
    fax: +359 2 988 7396

  10. Mahmoud Salamzadeh

    Hello ,
    We are going to buy 25Kg automatic powder detergent with own brand . Kindly please let me know your proposal for following job .
    Best Regards,
    Mahmoud Salamazadeh
    Kindo metal Co. Ltd

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