Private Label Cologne Production

Private label cologne production is the process in which a brand-owning company transfers its cologne production business to a private label manufacturing factory. Thus, the brand-owning company can own and sell its own branded products without having to deal with any production steps. This approach gives brands the freedom of product design and customization, while allowing them to offload the burden of production to others.

Heni Cosmetics also produces cologne within the scope of contract perfume production. If you are thinking of selling cologne in your own brand, do not hesitate to contact us. Trademark registration, uts notification and all the solutions your brand needs that offered to its customers by Heni Kozmetik.

To have your own branded colognes, you can supply all the necessary raw materials yourself. We can also do only the filling and labeling process. But if you want to leave this process to the experts, we also offer turnkey production solutions.

What is Private Label Cologne Production?
Steps of Contract Cologne Production
Private Label Cologne Production Companies
Advantages of Private Label Cologne Production
Impact of the Pandemic on Demand for Cologne
private label cologne production

What is Private Label Cologne Production?

The foundation is laid with the “contract manufacturing agreement” between the brand owner company and the manufacturer. All details must be fully specified in this contract. Thus, both the brand owner and the manufacturer legally guaranteed. What the brand owner wants is very important. Because the manufacturer works in accordance with thousands of products and production methods. But only 1 or 2 of these options are suitable for the brand owner. If we explain this with an example;

You want to produce cologne. Everything is normal so far. So where do you plan to sell this product? Let’s say you will sell it in a supermarket in Germany. Do you think a heavy tobacco cologne is suitable for this place? Or let’s say you plan to sell the product in Arab countries. Do you think an economical looking tangerine cologne is suitable?

As can be understood from here, the usage habits and economic situation of each geography are different. For this reason, you need to decide what kind of cologne you want. However, products produced for your well-analyzed target audience will lead you to success. Otherwise, no matter how good your products are, if they are not planned correctly, your chances of success are very low.

Lemon Cologne
Mandarin Cologne
Lily Cologne

Steps of Contract Cologne Production

After determining in detail what kind of product you want to have with your own brand, the production phase begins. All of these stages are the responsibility of the manufacturer. However, since this process concerns you very closely, it is useful to know. This process starts with the procurement of raw materials and ends with formulation, production, packaging and labeling. Let’s take a look at these steps together.

Supply and stocking of raw materials: Raw materials are supplied according to the details specified in the contract for contract cologne production. These raw materials are very important for your product quality to be high. For this reason, this process, which is carefully carries out by the manufacturer company, is one of the most important steps before production.

Formulation: The recipe to be prepared by chemists at this stage determines what kind of effect your cologne will create. From the appearance of the product to the smell, the feeling on the skin, color and permanence are determined in this section. Of course, completely according to your wishes. After all, you are the product owner. We only work to make your dream product a reality.

Production: The production process is carried out by mixing the raw materials in a certain ratio and order. The product obtained is not ready for filling. After waiting for a while, it is filtered and left to rest. This process is very important. As the mixture rests, the raw materials react with each other and create a homogeneous effect. The color, smell and permanence of the product settle at this stage. We know that you want to get your products faster. But unfortunately, products that have not rested enough will not please you or us. At this point, waiting for better quality products will be more beneficial for all of us.

Packaging and Labeling: After the waiting period is over, the filling phase begins. The packaging method varies depending on the order quantity. Large orders are produced untouched using fully automatic filling machines. However, fully automatic production is not suitable for small orders. Therefore, filling is done using smaller semi-automatic machines followed by manual labeling. Once the filling and labeling process completed, the products placed in boxes and made ready for loading.

Our Services in Contract Filling

Private Label Cologne Production Companies

Not all manufacturing companies engaged in contract manufacturing. The biggest reason for this is that they want to create a rival company with their own hands. By producing only their own brands, they direct the customer for the sale of their own brands. Some manufacturers only make contract manufacturing. Thus, they ensure that their production lines run continuously by serving many brands.

The choice of the manufacturer who will produce contract cologne is very important. The quality, price and production time of your products are vital. For this reason, you should carefully choose the company that will make contract manufacturing. Especially stay away from companies that give prices well below the market price. Otherwise, you may have irreversible losses. No one produces at a price below cost. If you receive a very, very low price offer, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly investigate the company and see the production facility. You may have fallen into the network of companies called under the stairs.

Another issue you should pay attention to when choosing the company you will have production is their references. The references of the company, the products it has produced before, will be a guide for you. It will be healthier to continue your contract manufacturing journey with reliable companies.

Advantages of Private Label Cologne Production

The easiest way to sell products under your own brand is contract manufacturing. If you have a sales opportunity and you do not have a production opportunity, contract manufacturing is for you! Because production involves many difficulties. The place where the production facility will be established, machinery and equipment, personnel, licensing procedures, quality standards, reports and analyzes. These processes are both costly and difficult. If you want to operate in the production sector, it makes sense to go through all of these processes.

However, if you only want to make sales and develop your brand, you do not have to endure the difficulties associated with production. While you are working on the development of your brand, product diversity and customer relations, manufacturers will be producing for you. The advantages of contract cologne production are as follows;

private label cologne production

Faster Production: Contract cologne production allows specialized manufacturers to use fast and efficient production processes. This helps to get the cologne to market quickly and meet demand.

Cost Savings: Contract manufacturing eliminates the need for businesses to invest in production facilities and equipment. This helps businesses reduce their costs.

Flexibility and Customization: Contract manufacturers meet the specific demands of customers. Special fragrances, packaging or other features allow cologne to be differentiated.

Hygiene and Quality Control: Experienced contract manufacturers guarantee product quality by using production facilities that comply with hygiene standards and strictly implementing quality control processes.

Access to International Markets: Contract manufacturers can have all the necessary documents required for export and gain access to international markets. This creates opportunities for businesses to sell their colognes to international customers.

More Capacity: Contract manufacturers can produce cologne in large quantities, which is necessary to fulfill large orders. Businesses may not be able to meet such large orders with their own production capacity.

Less Risk: Businesses can produce cologne without investing in large-scale production. This helps businesses reduce financial risk.

Contract cologne production offers businesses a number of advantages such as cost-effectiveness, production speed, quality control and access to international markets. For this reason, many businesses prefer to outsource cologne production to contract manufacturers.

fason kolonya üretimi

Impact of the Pandemic on Demand for Cologne

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, cologne was a common product, often used as part of daily personal hygiene. Demand spikes observed during flu and cold outbreaks, especially during certain periods. However, the Covid-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of hygiene and led people to pay more attention to hand hygiene. This led to a rapid increase in demand for cologne. People started to regularly clean their hands with cologne to prevent the spread of the virus.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, cologne manufacturers increased their production capacity to keep up with demand. Some manufacturers reorganized their production lines to speed up the production of hygiene products. The Covid-19 pandemic led to an increase in demand for cologne not only in Turkey but also worldwide. Turkish cologne was also in demand in international markets and this created new opportunities for Turkish cologne producers.

The pandemic’s impact on cologne demand shows that hygiene is becoming more important and people are using cologne more frequently. This has created growth opportunities for the cologne industry and has lasting implications for the future of the sector.

The need to take protective measures against the coronavirus pandemic has led to a historic increase in exports of products such as cologne, disinfectants, soaps and diagnostic kits. In 2019, disinfectant exports amounted to 28.3 million dollars, while this figure reached 277 million dollars with a dramatic increase of 878 percent. Likewise, cologne exports, which were $9.1 million in 2019, increased by a whopping 208 percent to over $28 million. The production capacities of these products also increased and responded to demand.


What is contract cologne production?

Private label cologne production is the process by which a cologne brand or business has another manufacturer (contract manufacturer) produce cologne instead of its own production facilities.

How to choose cologne production companies?

When choosing contract cologne manufacturing companies, it is important to consider factors such as production capacity, experience, quality standards, hygiene protocols and references.

What documents are needed for cologne production?

The documents required for production are issued by the relevant health and trade authorities of the country and usually guarantee the quality and safety of the product. These documents verify that the product complies with medical requirements and chemical regulations.

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