Private label deodorant manufacturers; It is the situation where companies that do not have the opportunity to produce but want to have their own deodorant brand make production by agreeing with the companies that produce deodorant. In 2022, deodorant manufacturers in Turkey exported 85% of their production abroad. If you want to have your own deodorant brand and make a quick introduction to the cosmetics industry, it will be enough to contact us.

To work with Heni Cosmetics and to get information about production options, you can contact us instantly by clicking the whatsapp icon. You can also send us all the questions you want to ask from the comment section and the contact form. Our export experts will deal with you as soon as possible.


Although the smell of sweat is a natural consequence of sweating and having a healthy physiology at some point, it is not welcome. There are many products available to prevent the smell of sweat. It is possible to combat sweat odor by choosing between different products such as deodorant spray, deodorant roll on, deodorant stick, which are offered to prevent sweating and sweat odor in people, in line with expectations and needs. Sweat odor can be easily prevented by choosing products suitable for one’s living habits and daily routine.

When it comes to sweating, different needs come to the fore. However, it is possible to say that the most basic requirement is to fight the smell of sweat. Today, it is possible to choose from products that do not sweat or prevent the smell of sweat. When looking for a solution to the sweat problem, the important thing is not to try to mask the smell of sweat with another smell. For this reason, products such as perfume and body spray should not be preferred to hide the smell of sweat.

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Heni Private Label Product Range


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Laundry Detergents

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Do you want to put your own brand on this deodorant you see? If your answer is yes, simply contact us. It is possible to enter the world of deodorant quickly with deodorant content and special packaging options. In the meantime, the quality of our products, which have been tested by international independent organizations, has been documented. You can contact us from the contact form to easily have products in GMP and ISO standards.

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Heni Production Activities

Firstly, To have more information about us, you can visit our factory in Istanbul and visit our facility. But to mention briefly, as Heni, we have four production types. We think that you have knowledge about detergent production. But do not think that Heni production activities have limitation to this. Secondly, The productions we have made at international quality standards and at affordable prices are briefly explained below, and you can access the full explanation of the relevant subjects by clicking on the subject headings.

Cosmetics Production

We produce cosmetic products in GMP and ISO standards in Heni Istanbul cosmetics factory. Our cosmetic products, which has divided into body care products, hair care products and skin care products, produced under the BeauFa brand.

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Detergent Production

We produce cleaning products in GMP and ISO standards in Heni Istanbul detergent factory. Our detergents products, which are divided into laundry detergent products, dishwashing products and skin household cleaning chemical products, are produced under the TidyHill brand.

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Perfume Production

Another product group that has won the hearts of our customers is perfumes. Our perfumes, which are produced with stylish design and impressive scents, are produced with the Scentora brand.

perfume manufactureres turkey, Companies producing perfumes in Istanbul export to the whole world.

Private Label Manufacturing

The private label production service we provide for companies that own a brand but do not have production facilities is very economical and practical. Because, It has never been easier to have products under your own brand. So, It will be sufficient to contact us for our free consultancy and product development services.

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Private Label Deodorant

Companies that want to sell deodorants under their own brand can have the product they want by agreeing with companies that produce private label deodorants. For this reason, the requested product features determined by the contract manufacturing agreement between the two companies. By the way, it would be correct to express the features mentioned here as deodorant content, packaging and box. As a result, as Heni Cosmetics, we respond to our customers’ private label deodorant demands in the most professional way. If you are looking for a private label deodorant manufacturer, just contact us.

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Private label natural deodorant

Natural deodorants have also been the focus of attention in recent days, when natural products are highly demanded. For this reason, the number of individuals and institutions that want to produce natural deodorants under their own brand is quite high. But the procedure is the same. It is possible to ensure a smooth production by agreeing that the product content should be natural when making a contract for contract manufacturing.

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White label deodorant

Preferred by social media phenomena, large sellers operating in the cosmetics sector, market chains and entrepreneurs, white label deodorant is both an economical and practical solution. You do not need to have an aerosol filling line, which requires a large investment. By using our production line, you can have the product of your dreams without any problems.

Antiperspirant deodorant is among the most preferable products in daily care routines. Underarm roll-on with antiperspirant feature, which prevents both sweat marks on clothes and sweat odor by directly preventing sweating, is a product that frequently adds to the routine by users. Although antiperspirant products offer ideal results for active days, it is recommended that these products are not preferred when sweating is necessary. Avoiding sweating during an intense workout is not healthy for the body. At such times, products that fight the smell of sweat and the bacteria that cause odor should be desirable.

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Private Label Deodorant Manufacturers Turkey

Private label deodorant manufacturers are companies operating in the cosmetics industry and have an aerosol filling line. In order to be able to produce and sell, they must meet high quality standards. In addition, permission from the Ministry of Health is required. It must meet ISO and GMP standards. Deodorants are products that may pose a danger during production and use. The high pressure in deodorant bottles brings with it the risk of explosion. For this reason, it will be useful to take care that the place you want to produce is in accordance with the standards. If you only work on price, it is possible to experience irreversible losses.

70% of companies producing private label deodorants operate in Istanbul. Being a developed industrial zone and close to transportation routes, Istanbul is the focus of attention for importing companies. Hundreds of brand owners make production under their own brand by agreeing with the manufacturers in Istanbul and distribute them to the whole world, based in Istanbul.

Heni Cosmetics produces deodorants under the Scentora brand. Our company, which also produces private label deodorants in line with the demands of the customers, provides private label production services to many corporate brands.

Best Deodorant Contract Manufacturers

Anyone who wants to have contract deodorant production and wants to work with the best contract deodorant manufacturers. This is a very valid request. So, how you can determine the best contract manufacturer? First of all, we would like to point out that the statements written here are in the nature of advice. We believe that you will make the right decision after doing a short research. The best contract deodorant manufacturer must first have the necessary production facilities. You have to work with a manufacturer that has an aerosol filling line.

Afterwards, the communication with the customer should be healthy. Communication is very important in terms of management and monitoring of production and export processes. For this reason, having a customer representative assigned to your company by the manufacturer, if possible, will make things much easier. Products must be audited or open to inspection by independent organizations. So you can be sure to buy high quality products.

Finally, it must comply with the deadline. The delivery day specified in the contract manufacturing contract should never be exceeded except for force majeure. So you can organize your work on the date you planned.

Private Label Deodorant Manufacturers Turkey FAQ

Can I produce custom deodorant for my brand?

If you have a registered brand, it is possible to have special deodorants for your own brand by agreeing with companies that produce deodorants. In addition, if you do not have a brand for 2022, we provide free consultancy services on all brand patents and production processes.

Who owns the private label deodorant design?

If you have your brand and your own product design, we produce deodorants accordingly. If you do not have a product design, special design studies will carry out in our company. It will be sufficient to send us your support request on the subject.

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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