best powder laundry detergent for sensitive skin

The best powder laundry detergent for sensitive skin attracts the attention of all users. Because everyone wants to use detergent that has high cleaning properties but does not harm the skin. For this reason, as a company that produces powder detergent, we will talk about the features that should be in the best powder laundry detergent for you.

Since ancient times, people have used different substances to make laundry cleaner. It has seen that many different additives have been developed in this field from past to present. With the catching up of the technology age, powder detergent has started to preferred because it is easier to use and its content is of higher quality.

Of course, the development of technology can be evaluated in a positive direction, but the concept of “malicious” is unfortunately not a situation that can be prevented with technology. Naturally, the chemicals used in the production of powder detergents affect the laundry and, more importantly, human health negatively. Of course, there are brands that prioritize quality and health conditions in this field. Turkey’s domestic detergent brand TidyHill is one of them.

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What Does Laundry Powder Detergent Do?

As we mentioned above, although laundry detergent did not initially produce in powder form, it produced in different forms. In order to clean the laundry, the fibers on its surface must be clean. This is not something that can be doable with water alone. Thanks to the step taken by the technology world in this direction, powder detergent production has been made. Powder detergent effectively cleans the fibers on the surface of the laundry, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the laundry. In general, laundry soils evaluated as follows;

  • Water-soluble soils such as sugars, inorganic salts, urea and sweat.
  • Particulate soils such as rust, metal oxides, soot (carbon black or soot), carbonates, silicates and humus.
  • Hydrophobic impurities such as animal fats, vegetable oils, sebum, sebaceous glands, mineral oil and grease.
  • Proteins such as blood, grass, grasses, eggs, milk, (starch) and keratin. These require enzymes, heat or alkali to hydrolyze and denaturate them and break them down into smaller fragments before being remove by the surfactants.
  • Bleachable stains such as wine, coffee, tea, juices and vegetable stains. Bleaching is an oxidation (redox) reaction that turns the colored substance into a colorless color, which remains on the fabric and may be easier to wash off.

In order to clean these dirts mentioned above, there must be a powder detergent in its content that can affect the laundry fibers and clean them. Of course, when choosing powder detergent, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing a powder detergent with strong enzymes and a content that will not adversely affect both the laundry and human health. So, how to choose a quality powdered laundry detergent?

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Care should be taken to meet expectations

When choosing a washing powder detergent, you should pay attention to the fact that it is a detergent that can meet your expectations. Focusing on this important detail when choosing washing powder detergent for colors or whites is a detail that will help you choose a quality powder detergent.

Choose Colored Detergent

When choosing a laundry detergent, the trick to choosing a product that can meet your expectations is to choose a special detergent for colours. Although many detergents in the market called “for colors and whites”, it is actually unlikely that both types of clothing can be clean with a single laundry detergent. For this reason, choosing powder detergent for colors will provide you with healthier results.

Choose a Special Detergent for Whites

Likewise, special powder detergents for white laundry are much higher quality in terms of cleaning. Because enzymes and other ingredients in powder detergent are usable at different rates comparing to colored and white ones. This requires choosing detergents specially produced for this area when choosing powder detergents for whites.

Beware of Concentrated Detergent

Concentrated detergents allow more laundry to wash than normal detergents. Concentrated powder detergent, which has an important place in terms of both environmental and human health, provides packaging production without the need for extra production as it requires less chemical use and provides more laundry washing. This is the biggest contribution to the protection of nature.

What Is The Best Powder Laundry Detergent?

It is healthier to rely on user comments and choose accordingly, rather than advertisements when choosing powder detergent. TidyHill is a product produce as Turkey’s domestic detergent brand. TidyHill user reviews, which provide full perfection with content quality, price and results, also show that the product is of high quality. TidyHill, which you can use safely and get better results than you expect in laundry; produced in two different forms, for coloreds and for whites.

With TidyHill laundry powder detergent, which we produce in our facility in Istanbul using completely domestic capital, you can both extend the life of your laundry and obtain quality results at more economical prices.

Best powder laundry detergent FAQ

What is the best powdered laundry detergent?

The best powder laundry detergent is a powder detergent that is produced in an environmentally and human-friendly manner, perfectly cleans the dirt after use and does not harm the skin at the same time.

How can I import the best powder laundry detergent?

Our company has a very professional team in powder detergent export. You can start the process by clicking the whatsapp icon on our website, filling out the price offer form or sending an e-mail to

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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