Body care products manufacturers Turkey, has an important place in the world. As Heni istanbul cosmetics factory, we respond to cosmetic product demands in the best way possible. If you want to buy cosmetic products from our country, it will be beneficial for you to get to know our products by contacting us.

Body Care Products

Do you know that our body, which is worn out and tired for various reasons, also needs care? So, Body care products are another way of providing the vitamins and minerals we need. Because, It is very important to use body care products to eliminate visible or invisible problems. and also, Renewing the skin and keeping it healthy is possible with the use of the right product. As Heni Istanbul cosmetics factory, we respond to the cosmetic product demands of our customers with dermatologically tested products.

We offer body care products that we produce in ISO and Gmp standards to our customers with the BeauFa brand. Almost all of our production is made for export. Furthermore, Companies that want to import cosmetic products from Turkey are trading BeauFa branded body care products.

Body care products manufacturers Turkey
Body care products manufacturers Turkey

Our customers, who are interested in these products, were also interested in the production of cosmetics, detergent and perfume manufacturing.

Body Care Products Manufacturers

Companies that want to buy body care products in high quantities want to work with body care product manufacturers. Because, The biggest reason for this is that it is more economical and advantageous to work directly with the cosmetics factory. Meanwhile, Our country is very good in the cosmetics industry. Especially Istanbul, where the industry is very developed, is very rich in terms of Body Care Products Manufacturers.

All of the companies that produce cosmetics produce body care products. The manufacture of these products in our country is subject to special permits. First of all, permission should be obtained from the Ministry of Health for the production of cosmetics. In addition, for the export of products, production must be made in Gmp standards. Before purchasing a cosmetic product, make sure that these conditions are met. The products you prefer just because of the low price will not satisfy you and your customers.

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Companies Selling Wholesale Body Care Products

Firms Selling Wholesale Body Care Products supply products to many companies. Thus, They sell the products they buy wholesale from cosmetics factories to demanding companies. For this reason, prices are slightly higher. Meanwhile, This is one disadvantage of working with Wholesale Body Care Companies. But at the same time, it is possible to supply products belonging to many brands and companies thanks to Companies Selling Wholesale Body Care Products.

In order to work with companies that produce cosmetics, you must have a large amount of product demand. Otherwise, it is not possible to work with manufacturers. For this reason, if you want to buy wholesale cosmetic body care products from our country and request a few boxes, it will be more convenient for you to work with companies that sell wholesale cosmetic products. Eventually, The best address for Istanbul is Istanbul Wholesalers’ Bazaar, called ISTOC.

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Our customers, who are interested in these products, were also interested in the production of makeup, skin care, man care and hair care manufacturing.

Private Label Body Care Products

Private label production is a form of production that is widely applicable in the cosmetics industry. Because, Brand owner customers have the opportunity to produce under their own brands by making contract manufacturing agreements with companies that produce cosmetics. The reason why this situation is often preferable is that it is practical and economical. While the brand owner company manages the sales organization, the manufacturer engages in production with the desired features.

Heni istanbul cosmetics factory is a production facility that produces cosmetics of GMP and ISO standards. We manufacture contract body care products in line with the demands of our customers. The product content, bottle, label, cap and label specially we made and the whole process carried out completely and professionally.

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Body Care Products Export

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of cosmetics manufacturers. Especially the city of Istanbul is full of cosmetics factories. For this reason, it is the most preferred place for companies dealing with the import of cosmetic products. So, As Heni Kozmetik Kimya Sanayi, we develop long-term business relationships with companies that want to import cosmetics. Lastly, We meet the demands of our customers in the most accurate and professional way with high quality and affordable products.

The main reasons for choosing Heni Cosmetics Chemistry;

  • Long term business relationship
  • High quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Logistics costs
  • Expandable product options
  • sale from stock
  • Fast production
  • Dealership system
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Body Care Products Manufacturers FAQ

What should I do to buy wholesale body care products?

It will be sufficient to contact the Istanbul cosmetic factory and send us your request. The export specialist on the subject will contact you, determine your order details and provide information about the wholesale body care products that are suitable for you. So, If the product you are interested in is in stock, the loading will take place after your approval.

Can I sell body care products with my own brand?

If you have a brand, you can have body care products with your own brand after contracting for contract manufacturing. Thus, there is no obstacle for you to sell your products to the whole world.

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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