Makeup manufacturers Turkey; Heni Cosmetics, one of the leading make-up manufacturers operating in the cosmetics sector, exports make-up products to countries such as Turkey, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Dubai, Qatar and Egypt. If you are looking for a make-up manufacturer, you are at the right place.


In order to feel beautiful and good, women care about the beauty of their skin and perfect make-up application as much as their clothing and look for high quality products. In order to achieve an impressive appearance both in daily life and in the most special invitations, a suitable make-up should be applicable according to the environment, clothes and many other factors and other type of products.

The purpose of make-up applications using make-up materials is to cover skin imperfections and to color the skin using appropriate make-up materials and take care of skin. It is possible to have a smooth and lively skin and an impressive appearance at the same time, thanks to make-up products applied to the skin, sometimes directly, sometimes using make-up accessories.

Makeup materials and their prices have an extremely wide variety. In addition, make-up brands provide the opportunity to make the most appropriate choice with products specially formulated for different skin types, sensitivities and skin problems.

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Beaufa Cosmetics Productions

Skin Care

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Hair Care

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Body Care

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Man Care

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Since all make-up materials are in direct contact with the skin and absorbed by the pores during their stay on the skin, quality make-up materials should be usable. Although it is possible to achieve effective results by using cheap and high quality make-up materials and hair care products, it should ensured that the products used do not contain harmful components for health.

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Heni Production Activities

Firstly, To have more information about us, you can visit our factory in Istanbul and visit our facility. But to mention briefly, as Heni, we have four production types. We think that you have knowledge about detergent production. But do not think that Heni production activities have limitation to this. Secondly, The productions we have made at international quality standards and at affordable prices briefly explained below, and you can access the full explanation of the relevant subjects by clicking on the subject headings.

Cosmetics Production

We produce cosmetic products in GMP and ISO standards in Heni Istanbul cosmetics factory. Our cosmetic products, make up line which has divided into body care products, hair care products and skin care products, produced under the BeauFa brand.

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Detergent Production

We produce cleaning products in GMP and ISO standards in Heni Istanbul detergent factory. Our detergents products, which divided into laundry detergent products, dishwashing products and skin household cleaning chemical products, have produced under the TidyHill brand.

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Perfume Production

Another product group that has won the hearts of our customers is perfumes. Our perfumes, which has produced with stylish design and impressive scents, produced with the Scentora brand.

perfume manufactureres turkey, Companies producing perfumes in Istanbul export to the whole world.

Private Label Manufacturing

The private label production service we provide for companies that own a brand but do not have production facilities is very economical and practical. Because, It has never been easier to have products under your own brand. So, It will be sufficient to contact us for our free consultancy and product development services.

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The Best Makeup Manufacturers

Companies or people who trade in make-up products want to buy wholesale make-up products by contacting the best make-up manufacturers to boost to sell your products. Quality is very important in make-up products and beauty industry. Although price is an important criterion for the purchase process, it is not the only criterion. It is very important that the make-up products to import meet the necessary quality standards. and also we are best in this field with many years of experience.

It is necessary for your customers to have satisfaction with their make-up products for a long-term business. In the Heni cosmetic factory, all cosmetic products, especially make-up products, produced with the BeauFa brand at international quality standards and competitive prices. Make-up products produced in ISO and GMP standards have exported to many countries by our company.

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Makeup Manufacturers Turkey

Most of the companies that produce cosmetics do not produce make-up. But Heni Cosmetics manufactures and wholesales all cosmetic products, especially make-up products. If you also interested in makeup sales and trade, it will be beneficial for you to meet our products.

Makeup Manufacturers United Kingdom

The UK is one of the countries where make-up consumption is very intense. This situation increases the interest in make-up manufacturers. Although the United Kingdom produces make-up, the production of many well-known brands carried out in different countries as private label. One of these countries is Turkey.

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Makeup Manufacturers London

Makeup manufacturers are highly sought after from London area. Being close to many trade lines due to its location, London is very sensitive about make-up, cosmetics and personal care products. Would you like to buy makeup products delivered to your warehouse in London?

Private Label Makeup Manufacturers Turkey

Private label makeup manufacturers; We are make-up manufacturers that manufacture under contract manufacturing for individuals and institutions that want to have production under their own brand. It is possible to get rid of production costs and all other procedures such as manufacturing process with the production of private label makeup because private label cosmetic manufacturer makes everything easy.. Heni Cosmetics is the easiest and most reliable way to have make-up products with the features you want in your own brand.

Having a state-of-the-art make-up production line, Heni Cosmetics offers personalized solutions by prioritizing customer satisfaction and making them cosmetic brands. Consumption habits and needs of each country differ. Heni Cosmetics, which is an expert in this field, offers production solutions that will enable you to rise quickly in the make-up market by determining the product that is suitable for you.

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Production of make-up products for your needs

Both daily make-up materials and professional make-up materials not only reveal the existing beauty, but also give a flawless appearance that will attract attention in any environment. The way to add beauty to beauty and to reflect your own style by shining brightly in every situation is through make-up applications that are compatible with skin, style and clothes.

Skin Tone: Although skin color is generally known as light, dark and wheat skin, more careful choices should be made in people with undertones and mixed skin structure. If the tone suitable for the skin color is not selected while choosing the foundation, a natural finish and a natural appearance will not be achieved when the product is used.

Skin Type: There are different skin types such as sensitive, dry, normal or combination, and the skin type must be taken into account when choosing the products to be used. In this way, it is possible to prevent problems such as skin rash, irritation and allergies caused by the use of products that are not suitable for the skin type.

Budget: Although the names and prices of makeup products can sometimes be confusing and difficult to choose, purchasing makeup products is a painstaking process. One of the points to be considered at this stage is the budget. It is not right to be influenced by the common but misconception that cheap make-up materials are of poor quality and turn to only expensive products. Heni manages to appeal to every budget in terms of make-up materials prices as well as the wide alternatives it offers in make-up materials. In this way, it is the right address for those who want to buy cheap and high quality make-up materials.

Eye Make-up

Eye make-up is one of the most important elements of make-up. An impressive eye make-up can be made with products such as eye shadow, highlighter, eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara. In addition to the headlights with a variety of colors that will give a flawless look to the eyes, eyebrow eyeshadows are also excellent products.

A more flamboyant make-up can be applied by using headlights in more than one color, depending on preference. Eyeliner and highlighter define the shape of the eyes and the expressiveness of the eyes can be increased. Mascara types, on the other hand, are the easiest way to reach full and voluminous eyelashes with different types that allow you to choose according to your needs. Mascara models, which attract attention with their water-resistant formulas, also undertake the task of nourishing and repairing eyelashes with the vitamins in their content.

Another issue that is as important as eye make-up is the removal of make-up from the eye area with sensitive skin. For this, appropriate cleansers should be used and eye area care should be done regularly with moisturizing, nourishing or restorative creams.

Lip Make-up

One of the most effective ways to look beautiful and well-groomed is a lip make-up made using appropriate make-up materials. Although lipstick types are an indispensable element of lip make-up, all make-up materials such as lip liner, liquid lipstick and lip balm can be used for a great lip make-up application.

After defining the contours of the lips with a lip pencil, the application can be completed by applying a suitable lipstick. There are different types of lipsticks including liquid, pencil, matte and satin finish.

In order for lip makeup to provide an effective and beautiful appearance, it is necessary to have smooth and well-groomed lips. With peeling applications, the appearance of cracked and dry lips can be removed, as well as the lips can be purified from dead cells. It is also very important to moisturize the lips adequately.

Daily Makeup

Face make-up is applied using different make-up materials to give the skin a bright, smooth and beautiful appearance. The products have different properties such as equalizing the skin tone, hiding the imperfections of the skin and creating a brighter skin appearance. There are also products that can be used to color the face and create more shapely facial features.

All of the products for face make-up can be used in a single make-up application, or only products suitable for make-up style can be selected. Care should be taken to choose products suitable for the skin tone for natural as well as striking make-up applications.

A smooth skin appearance can be achieved by using products such as make-up base, foundation, BB cream, CC cream, concealer and foundation in face make-up. While the make-up can be fixed with transparent powders and the oily appearance of the skin is removed, the skin can be deepened with colored powders.

Blush, contour products, bronzer and illuminators can be used to color the face and shape the facial features. Blush with a wide range of colors are produced in forms such as powder, cream and liquid.

Bronzers are used to create a natural tan effect on the skin. Contour products in dark tones are applied to the areas on the skin that are desired to be left in the background, while light tones are preferred at the points that are desired to be emphasized. With the use of highlighters, the areas where natural glows are created on the skin can be brought to the fore.

Just as high-quality make-up materials are usable in face make-up, the skin care routine should not be interrupt. Nutrition and repair of the skin should not be neglected by using a face mask. Appropriate day and night care creams and serums should also include in the routine in line with the requirements.

Makeup Manufacturers Turkey FAQ

How to find a makeup manufacturer?

If the chemical companies producing cosmetics have a make-up line, they can supply the make-up products you have requested. For 2022, if you write make-up manufacturer + region in search engines, you will see companies that produce make-up. Heni Cosmetics has been producing cosmetics and make-up for over 12 years.

Can I have make-up production with my own brand?

If you have a registered brand, it is possible to have products of your own brand by agreeing with the companies that produce make-up with a contract manufacturing contract. Private label make-up production is a very economical and practical production method. It is especially suitable for entrepreneurs and chain market owners.

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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