Facial Cleansing Foam
Facial Cleansing Foam

With Beaufa, cleansing becomes a pleasure. Love your skin, revitalize it and experience the fresh feeling of Beaufa Skin Cleansing Foam!

Get the best for your skin with Beaufa. Try it now and see the difference!

Beaufa is the cosmetics and personal care brand of Heni Kozmetik Kimya Sanayi. Our company, which is in a leading position among cosmetics manufacturers, is a company that has proven itself in the production of skin care products.

Beaufa Facial Cleansing Foam: Cleanses Your Skin with Love!

Cleansing your skin at the end of each day is now a luxurious experience. Beaufa Facial Cleansing Foam adds freshness and vitality while gently cleansing your skin. Now your skin deserves special care!

🌼 Foaming Cleansing: Beaufa’s rich foam deeply purifies the pores while cleansing your skin.

💧 Moisturizing Ingredients: Its special formula moisturizes and provides freshness while cleansing your skin.

🌿 Natural Ingredients: Beaufa is enriched with natural extracts to nourish, revitalize and protect your skin.

🌟 Radiance and Smoothness: Regular use makes your skin brighter and smoother.

🌞 Suitable for Daily Use: Beaufa Facial Cleansing Foam is suitable for all skin types and is an integral part of your daily skincare routine.

The products we produce within the scope of skin care products;

Facial Cleansing Foam
Bronzing Cocoa Butter
Sun Care Spray Spf30
Facial Cleansing Foam
Bronzing Carrot Oil
Sun Care Spray Spf50

Can I use Facial Cleansing Foam every day?

Facial Cleansing Foam can be used every day, but the frequency of use may vary depending on your skin type and personal needs. In general, it is important to cleanse your skin every day, but some people may prefer to cleanse their skin less frequently. Here are some guidelines:

  • Normal and Oily Skin: People with normal to oily skin types can usually use a facial cleansing foam twice a day, morning and evening. This removes oil and impurities that build up on the skin, cleansing the pores and keeping the skin clean and fresh.
  • Combination Skin: Those with combination skin may experience oiliness in the T-zone while other areas may be normal or dry. Therefore, in addition to using it twice a day, they can use it only to cleanse the T-zone depending on the need.
  • Dry and Sensitive Skin: People with dry and sensitive skin types can choose a milder cleanser to cleanse their skin without drying and irritating it. Therefore, they can use it once a day or every other day.
  • Remember that skin type, climatic conditions and personal preferences may vary. You can achieve the best results by monitoring skin reactions and adjusting according to your needs. It is also important to choose a skin cleanser that suits your skin type.

Facial Cleansing Foam FAQ

How to use facial cleansing foam?

To use the Skin Cleansing Foam, wet your face with warm water, take the foam in your palms, massage it into your face, then rinse with plenty of water and gently pat dry. By following these steps, you can achieve clean and fresh skin.

What does Facial Cleansing Foam do?

Skin Cleansing Foam cleanses the skin from make-up, dirt and oil, unclogs pores, refreshes the skin and moisturizes after cleansing.

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