Makeup Remover Cream Manufacturers

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Makeup Remover Cream Manufacturers

Love your skin, make it easier to remove your makeup and enjoy Beaufa Makeup Remover Cream. Silky soft skin has never been so easy!

Beaufa is the cosmetics and personal care brand of Heni Kozmetik Kimya Sanayi. Our company, which is in a leading position among cosmetics manufacturers, is a company that has proven itself in the production of skin care products.

Beaufa Makeup Remover Cream: Instantly and Delicately Removes Your Makeup!

Removing your makeup at the end of the day is now easy and comfortable! Beaufa Cosmetic Cream helps you remove your makeup instantly while gently cleansing your skin. This effective cleansing cream will become an indispensable part of your skincare routine.

🌸 Sensitive Formula: Beaufa removes make-up without damaging your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and non-irritating.

💄 Removes Makeup Fast: Are you wearing heavy makeup or water-resistant products? Beaufa removes even these tough makeup instantly.

🌿 Natural Ingredients: This cleansing cream with natural extracts nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

🌞 Suitable for Daily Use: Suitable for all skin types, Beaufa Makeup Remover Cream is an integral part of your daily skincare routine.

✨ Advanced Technology Beaufa is a state-of-the-art cleansing cream. Removing your makeup couldn’t be easier.

The products we produce within the scope of skin care products;

Bronzing Cocoa Butter
Sun Care Spray Spf30
Bronzing Carrot Oil
Sun Care Spray Spf50

Makeup Remover Cream FAQ

What is the best way to remove makeup?

For the best removal of makeup, an oil-based makeup remover or cleansing oil is usually preferred. Such products help to gently remove makeup from the skin and effectively remove even water-resistant makeup.

How to Use Makeup Remover Cream?

Using a makeup remover cream is quite simple and below we will explain how to use it step by step:
Wash Hands: The first step is always to clean your hands. With clean hands you will come into contact with the skin, so wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them.
Remove Your Eye Makeup: Before you start using makeup remover cream, you can use the product to remove your eye makeup. Take a small amount of cream on a cotton pad and carefully rub it on the eyelids and eyelashes. Wait a few seconds to remove waterproof eye makeup and then gently wipe away. Tip: Instead of pressing the cotton pad against your skin, gently press it against your eye makeup and then wipe it off, because the skin around the eyes is quite delicate.
Cleanse Your Face: Now you can use makeup remover cream to remove makeup from your face. Take a small amount of the cleansing cream and massage it gently on your face. When you feel the makeup dissolve, wipe off the makeup with a clean cotton ball or cleansing cloth. Working in gentle circular motions, cleanse your entire face.
Wash Face with Clean Water: Wash your face thoroughly with warm water to remove makeup and cleansing cream residue. Washing with water will refresh your skin while cleansing it at the same time.
Use Toner and Moisturizer: After makeup removal, don’t forget to moisturize your skin and apply toner. These steps help to balance and moisturize your skin.

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