Powder detergent manufacturers Turkey; Istanbul detergent factory is made by Heni Cosmetics Chemical Industry. High quality detergent is produced with state-of-the-art fully automatic filling machines. Companies that produce powder detergents produce private label detergents for companies that do not have a production facility and want to have their own brand of production.

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Powder Detergent Turkey
Detergent Powder Manufacturing
Wholesale Powder Detergent Sales İstanbul
Powder Detergent Export from Turkey
Private Label Powder Detergent
powder detergent manufacturers turkey

Powder Detergent Turkey

Cleaning products are indispensable products of our lives. For this reason, its consumption is quite high. Powder detergent Turkey used for cleaning dirty laundry offered to our customers in different packages and quality. If you want to buy wholesale powder detergent from Turkey, it will be enough to contact us.

Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Due to the high consumption and sales, the interest in the companies that manufacture powder detergents is increasing day by day. Also, Companies that sell powder detergents want to buy products at affordable prices by contacting detergent factories in Turkey. And also, As Heni Cosmetics Chemical Industry, we supply products to companies that want to buy best powder detergent.

Wholesale Powder Detergent Sales Istanbul

Companies that sell cleaning products want to work with detergent manufacturers. Furthermore, We sell products to companies that sell wholesale powder detergents. If you want to buy wholesale detergent, it will be enough to contact us.

As Heni Kimya, we produce detergents of different packaging and quality. Thus, we are expanding our customer portfolio day by day by responding to all the demands of our customers.

So, It will be enough to fill out the form to meet our products produced in international quality standards.

heni toz deterjan üretimi fabrikası, powder detergent factory turkey
powder detergent manufacturers turkey

Powder Detergent Export from Turkey

The usage habits of each country differ. For this reason, we manufacture detergents for your needs. Because, We export detergents produced in international quality standards to all over the world. If you want to export powder detergent from Turkey, it would be useful to contact us.

Detergent Types and Classification

Detergent manufacturers are divided into three classes according to the nature of the detergent;

Detergent manufacturers are divided into three classes according to the usage purposes of the detergent;

Private Label Powder Detergent

The most suitable solution for companies that have a brand but do not have the opportunity to manufacture is private label manufacturing. Meanwhile, We have private label manufacturing facilities for our customers who want to purchase powdered laundry detergent. Private label detergent Turkey production, which is preferrable by companies dealing with import and export business, is a very practical and economical solution.

The conditions of the production to be made are determined by the private label manufacturing contract. Because, Detergent properties should be determined after packaging selection. Thus, Standard production is not preferred for sales to different countries. And also, With different quality and packaging options, private label manufacturing is a suitable solution for companies that own brands.

You don’t have a brand and you want to have private label manufacturing? If so, we can provide you with free consultation on this matter. We support you to create your brand by following the company establishment, trademark patent application and product features and obtaining the necessary permits by us.

Powder Detergent Manufacturers FAQ

What should I do to buy powder detergent?

If you want to buy powder detergent from Turkey, it will be sufficient to contact Heni detergent factory. Afterwards, the best information will be given by the export experts.

Do you produce private label powder detergent?

As Heni detergent factory, we produce private label powder detergents upon the request of our customers who have brands in the field of cleaning.

We are here for Professional Solutions in the Production and Export of Cosmetics and Cleaning Products.

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      1. Dear Sir/Madam,

        I have some buyers who are looking for detergent powder and they need a very good and capable supplier who can supply them with their detergent powder on a monthly basis.

        Also, I would like to inform you that I get your information from a commercial website, so I said I should contact your company to see if your company can supply them with your detergent powder.

        Before we proceed, I would like your company to send the following information to allow me to forward it to the buyers.

        1. Company profile
        2. Catalog
        3. Minimum order
        4. Payment terms
        5. Delivery time

        I will like your company to send me this information so that I can pass it on to the buyers, because I will like to work as your agent, but your company will do me a favor by adding 2% to your list price, so this 2% will be my commission as your agent here in West Africa.

        To facilitate communication and provide further information, please find
        our WhatsApp: +229********

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    I hope you are doing great. I am a well-trained import/export agent and specialize in the introduction of new products to the market of South Africa and SADC region.
    Companies that would like to test the market for a few years and later establish a factory are welcomed. I go as far as assisting companies to get qualifications to benefit from tax/capital incentives from the government when establishing a factory. In other words, companies will get assistance from the government when establishing a factory because it is a mutually beneficial relationship.
    Now, I know that Turkey has some excellent chemical products, however, it takes a partnership with an indigenous partner who understands the market very well to succeed in Africa. Any company that can take on the likes of Unilever / P&G, on liquid/powder detergent, please contact me. I would appreciate catalogues and price lists (will be assisting with formulating this). NB, I don’t buy stock, but I assist in identifying “qualified” buyers for the region of SADC in Africa.

    With Best Regards

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